4-5 Jul 2016 Illkirch (France)

Welcome to the NGS Symposium 2016

The goal of this symposium is to bring together bioinformaticians/computational biologists and experimentalists working with NGS technologies to discuss and share methods, platforms, challenges, negative results, pitfalls etc. We stress that publication-ready results are only a nice bonus for these talks; we are more interested in the shared technical approaches to common problems. We also hope to strengthen the relations between nearby research centres in order to promote a lively sharing of experiences and expertise.

Topics that could be covered in this symposium include, but are not limited to: ChIP-seq and RNA-seq analyses, methylome profiling, “personalised” or “cohort” genomics (e.g. GWAS; cancer profiling), chromatin interaction profiling (“Hi-C”), all techniques associated with NGS (the sequencing itself, library preparation, quality control, alignments, etc.), and infrastructures and computing solutions to handle the large datasets generated.

Previous meeting schedules can be downloaded below to give you an idea of the diverse topics covered.

We encourage presentations dealing with problems encountered when handling NGS data or summarising your experiences with a particular technology, platform, software, pipeline, tools - really anything where you would think that other researchers dealing with very similar issues/data would benefit.

All presentations and abstracts should be in English.

Deadline for registration : June, 24th
Deadline for abstract submission : June, 12th


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